Although Franklin, Tennessee is home, Natchez is the tribe for Scott Smith, aka Jimmy the Cricket. Falling in love with Natchez as a child, the Cricket began coming more and more frequently until now he spends as much as half of the year in what he calls his “antebellum playground.” He receives for Spring and Fall Pilgrimages, Angels on the Bluff, and, although he claims not to know the difference between a weed and a phalaenopsis, is now an honorary lifetime member of both garden clubs! Having for the last decade led school groups on tours all over the country—from Williamburg to Washington D. C. and Charleston to New England, Smith gained excessive knowledge on the way a tour should be conducted (and more importantly should not be!). Therefore it was a natural fit for him to strike off on his own. Most recently he has begun bringing tour groups to town to see his favorite place and meet his Natchezian friends (many who allow Smith to have his groups dine with them in their homes), all the while calling himself a “Natchoosian” as he chooses to be here. He often dons a 19th century outfit including top hat and cane for which he derived the moniker “Jimmy the Cricket (no, not Jiminy!)” which he claims makes him sound as if he is in the Dixie Mafia—and perhaps he is!! “I have also been mistaken for Mr. Peanut and the Monopoly man by tourists,” jokes Smith. Regardless, the Cricket is delighted and honored to be not only the cover boy for the Spring Pilgrimage brochure during the upcoming Tricentennial, but also the Krewe of Phoenix’s Grand Marshall of Natchez for 2015 where he follows in the footsteps of Jerry Lee Lewis—something he always wanted to do!
My feedback to you is that I had a wonderful exposure to Natchez- the experience was delightful! I will travel with you anytime! Who else gets a serendipity tour of a private home!
The variety was great and I was thrilled to be included, especially with your inside scoop!
Sincerely, Sherry Bach